MIRU: An Analog Adventure Game

MIRU is a complete 32 page adventure game where you travel through uncharted territories, set in the future a century from now, hunting down a god. Along the way you’ll draw a map, find hidden treasure, meet interesting characters, narrowly escape dangerous combat situations, and decide the outcomes of several events with just this book, a pen and some dice.

MIRU was designed to be a solo game, but can also be enjoyed with friends. Simply divide up tasks and make decisions as a group.

MIRU exists because 570+ wonderful individuals backed the Kickstarter campaign in August 2022! We can’t thank them enough.

All physical sales in the Mimic Publishing shop are US only. However MIRU is available international from these locations:
The Lost Bay Studios
Peregrine Coast Press

If you prefer, the digital edition of MIRU can be found at Hinokodo.itch.io

You can watch Hinokodo play a full run of the game here on Youtube. (Spoilers!)

Created by HINOKODO
Edited by Ryan Huff


CC: 5kg-10kg