No Ethical Consumption Enamel Pin


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There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

This pin is a conversation starter. Even when a product is created by one person, in our modern times, they often buy their supplies from an affordable corporation who operates by underpaying workers in poverty stricken countries, they harvest materials for exorbitant profits in countries they don’t even live in, or they pollute the environment, leaving the world a little worse than how they found it. You can’t win under capitalism without someone else losing.

While this pin was made as ethical as possible under today’s standards, the source of metals is unknown. As with every business under capitalism, it likely involved workers who didn’t see their fair share of profits. 

This is our first product. A reminder that no one wins the rat race. With it, also comes a commitment to reduce the emissions we create into the negatives. We offset twice the emissions we do end up creating and our business model represents a horizontal hierarchy as much as possible, as we attempt to eliminate power dynamics and profit share evenly among all members.


Created by HINOKODO

CF: 5kg (we offset 10kg)