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The MIRU Soundtrack sets the mood just right with over 60+ minutes of songs and soundscapes to listen to while you play through the hit solo-first adventure game series MIRU. The digital edition is available on

For a limited time, we’re bringing back 1999 with a special edition MiniDisc version of the soundtrack and it includes:

  • A real & working transparent-gold MiniDisc relic from 1999 (The disc is brand new, the technology not so much)
  • A wide variety of songs and sounds that establish the world of MIRU. (Sample below)
  • A custom plastic-free cover & obi strip.
  • An exclusive mini-game
  • The digital edition of the soundtrack


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Music by HINOKODO & Love&Wine Media

(First Edition)

CF: 7.5kg (We offset 15kg)