MIRU II: An Analog Horror Game


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This is a pre-order item and will ship out in May 2023.
This was part of a Kickstarter campaign from Feb 21 – Mar 10 2023.

MIRU II is a sequel analog horror game where you explore an uncharted territory, survive hellish situations, and treasure hunt while a terrifying god hunts you down.  This unique solo-first game has you rolling dice, drawing maps, solving cryptic puzzles, and exploring a world a century from now. No two playthroughs are the same. While not required, this game is best experienced after playing MIRU.

This is a 52pg. mono-color stapled-bound zine, printed on recycled uncoated paper and made in the United States.
Every physical copy includes the digital edition.

The digital-only edition will be available on hinokodo.itch.io in April 2023.

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Created by HINOKODO
Edited by Ryan Huff
(First Edition)


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