Our Shop Policies:

At Mimic, we stand by our products and only wish to delivery you entertainment in a sustainable way. We’re still in the beginning stages of developing and growing our company, which means our Refund & Return policy is limited. 


We do not offer refunds after an order has been shipped. If there’s been a mistake during your purchase (i.e. you were double charged, or an item was charged to you at an incorrect price) please contact us at mimicpublishing@gmail.com with your order number and issue and we will do our best to resolve the problem. 

We will refund you if we catch these errors on our end. 

We will refund you 80% of your order total prior to shipping if requested. (This accounts for processing fees credit card companies charge us.)


We do not currently accept returns. If there was a problem with your order or an item was missing, please contact us at mimicpublishing@gmail.com with your order number and issue and we will do our best to resolve the problem. 

If an item arrived damaged please keep the packaging and take pictures. All items shipped from our shop are insured and tracked by USPS and the only way to file a claim is adequate documentation. If an order arrived with an issue, please do not throw anything away. We will replace missing or damaged items within reason with proper documentation, additional shipping charges may apply depending on the circumstances. 

If for some reason you do not want your items anymore please donate or dispose of them in the proper manner. Our items are usually recyclable and should not be placed in a landfill. 


We ship all of our items with USPS. All orders are tracked and insured. (We’ve been told international orders are tracked from our office to your door, but there may be some reliability issues in some countries as packages get handed off to your local carrier)

Tracking information should be emailed to you when the shipping label for your order is created. Please contact us at mimicpublishing@gmail.com if you do not receive it. Labels are created on Tuesdays and Fridays, unless weather causes delays.

We do our best to ship orders out in a timely manner. 

Orders in the US should arrive 3-5 business days once they’ve arrived at the post office. 

International orders should arrive 3-30 business days once they’ve arrive at the post office. 

At this time our list of international countries we ship to is limited to where we can offer insured and tracked packages. If your country isn’t an option at checkout, we don’t currently ship there.

Also at this time some international orders may require taxes or customs fees on pickup in your country. We now pay a company that allows us to pay VAT on EU orders and this should be reflected when you checkout. (UK paperwork has been filed, coming soon)

Kickstarter Orders 

If you backed one of our Kickstarter campaigns we will try and keep all communication about it on their platform. Please message us there if you run into any issues. Our policies are the same there as they are here with a few exceptions: 

1. Once we begin shipments on a Kickstarter campaign, tracking and holding inventory for folks who haven’t responded to their surveys becomes difficult for us. So we’ve established a soft 30 day lockdown. Once we start shipments, you’ll have 30 days to respond to your survey so we can ship your order to you. After that time period, we can’t guarantee we will have your items in stock. We use the word ‘soft’ because we want you to reach out after that time period if you can, we will always try and get you the items you helped us create if possible. We do our best to create enough items so we can replace issues with shipping and the manufacturer, but after some time, we may run out. 

2. We only offer refunds prior to when shipping begins. This is documented in our campaign updates. We will offer 80% refund 15 days after the campaign closes. and a 50% refund prior to shipping. Once shipments have begun we do not offer refunds for Kickstarter campaigns. 

3. We do not offer refunds for members of the Lifers program. 

4. With all that said, we are reasonable and if you have an issue and treat us like human beings we will do our best to accommodate you where we can. 


Have a question?

Please contact us at mimicpublishing@gmail.com with your question and we’ll do our best to find you an answer.