This document outlines the modular MIMIC X+ LICENSE agreement.

General Overview:
The use of this license is to protect the works of creators that fall under copyright, but wish to allow broader freedoms of use by the public and individuals. This license is similar to Creative Commons, except it allows for creators to retain control from ‘bad’ actors.


Default Modules:


Work has to be credited a specific way.

Compatible with / Adapted from / Built on _____ created by _____ , under the MIMIC X/C+ License: 000. (url required if online)

Permission-less Clause: “Not officially endorsed by _________”

Required imagery in prominent location: _____

Change & Share:

Work can be remixed, adapted, and re-used, but it must use the Mimic X/C+ license of the original work and it can not be used in association with AI.

Optional: Does not allow copy & paste. Significant change required.


Reserves the right of the creator to revoke use of work for any reason, but especially for these reasons: Bigotry, hate speech, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, violence, and acts of war.

Once revoked, you must remove all instances of work used from physical & digital retail/public spaces and cease sales & production of works immediately.

Non-commercial use:

Can not be used or included in works for commercial use or to make a profit.

Optional: Educational uses only

Live License:

This license is subject to change over time. There’s a change log with time stamps of changes. After that change, adapted works are subject to those changes.

License Identifier:

This license has a 3 digit (0-9, A-Z) identifier to make it easier to find and understand the contents of the license. The list of current identifier’s can be found here. 

The identifier must link to the license when presented online. It must be typed with the license attribution for offline lookup as shown below. 

The identifier for this license is _ _ _



Optional Modules:

Carbon Neutral:

Use of this license requires the user make substantial efforts to ensure the product they create with this license is carbon neutral or better, carbon negative. This effort can be demonstrated by choice of materials, like using FSC certified products, recycled paper, and plastic-free materials. This effort can also be demonstrated by offsetting the estimated carbon footprint of the products associated with this use of the license to a non-profit such as cooleffect.org. 

Optional: Use of this imagery must be prominently displayed on the product: ____

Commercial Use:

Can be used for commercial use. If sold for profit, with a retail price above $____(USD), then $____(USD) from each sale is owed to the original creator.

Payments can be made ______(time period) via ______ or contact ______ for alternative options.

Optional: not including tips or donations.

The use of this module changes the license to a Mimic C+ License and must be displayed as such.

This module replaces the ‘Non-commercial use’ module.


Print Attribution Example:

New Game X is adapted from MIRU created by Hinokodo, under the MIMIC C+ License: Y2K. New Game X is not officially endorsed by Hinokodo.