Congratulation! You’ve won Chapter One of Bitparty: Roll & Write Edition!

The Mutated Bear has been defeated, the townsfolk are safe for now. Seeing it’s grotesque body covered in antlers leaves you wondering what happened to it? As you think back about all the animals you encountered on your journey here, you realized they all had antlers growing on them. Something is mutating the animals, perhaps even trying to merge different species together. ALORA mentioned that ‘the first God’ exists here in this world. Maybe it is trying to create a new species? Maybe in that process it’s making everyone here go mad. Every animal encountered was aggressive, some of the people even were hostile and dangerous. If there was a God here, they are no longer present or off focused on something else.
You remember hearing the name Noah a few times on the journey. He was building a boat. From the look of things, this world is following a version of the bible. You and anyone left alive with you set back off to find Noah and his boat before the big flood happens.

You are one step closer to eternal life and that is really exciting!

Your prize for chapter one is:

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