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Table of contents.
Page 1 | The Map
Page 2 | Settings and Rules
Page 3 | Player Sheet, Time, and Death

Page 1 | The Map

Title: Bitparty
Published By: Mimic Publishing Collective

Image Description:
There’s a map of a forest with a grid on top. In the forest are mutated animals and creatures, along with treasure chests, a few houses, and people. Trees are everywhere and they kind of form a maze through the forest. At the bottom is a little symbol with an ‘s’ on it near a big tree called ‘the tree of knowledge’. This is where players begin the game. At the top of the map is a broken bridge and on the other side of it is a big mutated bear. This is where the players need to get to. When they defeat the mutated bear, the game is over and won.

Below the map are a few sections with empty boxes for players to check off as they play the game. From left to right, there is a box for monsters killed, there is a section for Time, covering dawn, noon, dusk, dark, and night, there is a box for the chests that are opened while playing, and a box for special abilities that players collect as they play. In tiny text next to the chests opened box it says “all players get a bitlith when a row is filled below the map”. The “rows” this refers to are the check boxes in each section.

Page 2 | Setting and Rules |
Chapter One : Genesis

You opened a spam email inviting you to play a beta video game. You foolishly accepted, went to bed for the night, and woke up here in a pixelated forest in a digital body.

You hear a voice as you stand up. She says that her name is ALORA and that she is a new AI God running a simulation about the first God of the Earth, to learn more about humans and their relationship with a deity and its actions that influence the world around them.

You are at the beginning, she tells you, explore, train, survive the woods and uncover the truth of what is happening. Good luck, oh, and like the email said, uncover the truth and I will grant you eternal life.

Begin by eating the fruit of knowledge.

D-pad: Players can only move North, East, South, and West. You can not move diagonally. During a players turn they may move up to SIX tiles.

A button: Can be pressed an unlimited amount of times per turn and is used to interact with objects around you. Refer to the INTERACTIONS section for more info as interactions occur.

B button: Allows players to use some special abilities or their special attack. Costs TWO energy when pressed.

!spoilers! Interactions !spoilers! :
This section should only be read when an interaction occurs. Match the image you see on the map to this page and read what is next to it.

The Tree of Knowledge : Provides the player with knowledge of a combat skill. This is the first interaction the player makes. It’s too compelling not to.

Enemies : Interacting only attacks them.

The Tree of Life : Provides the player with twenty health. Dies after it’s been touched. Can only be used once.

Treasure Chest : Player rolls a dice and receives a reward.
*Roll a 6 sided dice* If you roll a :
1 : Roll again with two dice. If you roll a one again no rewards, otherwise receive both dice rewards.
2 : Receive one Bitlith.
3 : Receive one wood.
4 : Receive three XP points.
5 : Trap Chest. Take two damage.
6 : Receive one food.

Trees : You shake the tree. Roll one dice. If even you get one food. If odd a spider falls on you and bites. Take one damage. *Trees can be caught on fire. Mark them out with an X. That tile is now walkable. *Trees can be cut for wood. Requires hatchet.

Water : You can’t swim. Find another way around.

Noah’s Son : ‘Be careful, people around here are getting more aggressive each day.’

Noah’s Wife : ‘My husband Noah will be back soon, he’s hunting animals for our boat trip.’

Hat Man : ‘We destroyed the bridge to keep dangerous animals away, but it didn’t really help. ‘

Boy in Town : ‘A bear came through yesterday and dragged away somebody I knew!’

! Man : ‘I need THREE wood to fix the bridge.’ Bridge is impassable until then.

Land of Noah Sign : ‘A flood is coming. Prepare. Get your own boat. ‘

Forest Sign : ‘Land of Nod up ahead. Probably best to go back to the Garden of Eden. It’s much nicer than Nod.’

Mutated Bear : ‘Please kill me.’ This bear has antlers growing on its back. It’s like something in the area is trying to morph animals together. The first God?

Combat :
If an enemy is within range you can attack them by pressing A or B. When an enemy enters combat you must roll for their base stats. When an enemy is defeated mark them out with an X and fill in tracker at bottom of map for end of game scoring and Bitlith bonus.

If a player is in eyesight of an enemy at the end of the round, move that enemy up to four tiles closer to that player. If player is in enemy’s range, enemy attacks player. Enemy always targets nearest player with most XP points.

Roll X dice depending on enemy to determine their base stats. Highest number is ATK, lowest is DEF, sum of all dice rolled is Health. If doubles are rolled, enemy stats are multiplied by that number. If several doubles, multiply by the highest one.

Combat damage is simple. Your ATK minus enemy DEF equals Damage. Every time you attack an enemy they attack back if in enemy’s range. Their ATK minus your DEF equals Damage. Attacks never miss. Players can team up on enemies.

All (A) basic attacks use ATK damage.

This section shows Images of Enemies you may encounter while playing. Next to them are the 6 sided dice needed to roll to get their stats and the dice needed to roll for their reward.

Rabbid Rabbit:
Stats – 3 Dice. Reward – 2 Dice.

Zombie Deer:
Stats – 4 Dice. Reward – 3 Dice.

Mountain Lion:
Stats – 5 Dice. Reward – 4 Dice.

Mutated Human:
Stats – 6 Dice. Reward – 4 Dice.

Mutated Bear:
Stats – 6 Dice. Reward – Winner Scans QR Code.
Bear takes up multiple tiles on map. But it is hitable only on the grey tile.
QR Code Link :

Enemy Range:
Enemies can only attack the squares immediately around them, even diagonally.

Enemy Eyesight:
While not on the page, an Enemy’s Eyesight is any amount of unobstructed tiles that are directly north, east, south, or west of an enemy and only applies when a player ends their turn on a tile in their eyesight.

Enemy Rewards:
When enemy is defeated, roll X reward dice. Pick one to recover health or energy. Pick one to gain that much in XP. Discard the rest.

Special Abilities:
These divine gifts give players unique abilities that will help them survive the journey. Players earn them immediately after they own two Bitliths. Roll X dice (Your Level), picking one of them that matches an available special ability if any remain. Players can only have two special abilities at a time, when they earn a third one, they can choose to give up one and give it to another player or lose one they have. (It becomes available to roll for again).

Players with ‘fire’ or ‘lightning’ in an attack name can interact with an object and catch it on fire.

The next section shows an icon that represents the special ability and the results needed to choose it.

Heart : Result 1. Max health is 40 now.

Bolt : Result 2. Max energy is 40 now.

Stat Graph : Result 3. Double all base stats : ATK DEF MGK

Glasses :
Result 4. Extends attack range to max box on player sheet.

Hatchet : Result 5. Allows player to cut trees down. Receive one wood per tree tile.

Skillet : Result 6. Allows players to cook food to double their effect.

Page 3 | Player Sheet, Time, and Death |
Chapter One : Genesis

Each time of day effects players base stats, so plan your day accordingly. Begin the game at dawn. At the end of each round time changes.

Dawn : Wake up sunshine. You are drowsy. Players have -1 ATK.

Noon : The sun is high. Get your tan on. No effects.

Dusk : The light falls. If you ate at dawn or noon gain +1 DEF.

Dark : It’s scary now. Players have -1 DEF. Enemies have +1 ATK.

Night : The witching hour is now. Players have +1 MGK and -1 DEF. Enemies have +1 ATK and +1 DEF.

You can’t enter houses. If two+ are playing, winner is whoever checked off the most boxes below the map.

XP Points:
Players earn XP points by defeating enemies. Once a complete bar is full, player levels up. Their base stats (ATK, DEF, MGK) are multiplied by players level.

Players die when their health reaches zero. If playing solo the game is over. If other players are around they can revive you by paying a bitlith and standing next to you before the next night passes. When you recover, your health is two and energy is zero. You lose all special abilities. You keep all items and Bitlith.

Items and Bitliths:
Food heals the player four health and energy. Cooked food heals by eight. Wood can be used to start campfires. Interacting with a campfire restores two health and energy. Can only be used once per turn and goes out at dawn. You can only hold two items at a time. Once you collect sixteen of an item, your bag breaks. You can’t collect anymore of that item. Bitliths are the money of the AI God ALORA. Every two earns you a special ability.

Playing the Game:
Each player starts here: [Image of start block on map, black box with s in middle]. Roll a dice to see who goes first. Highest wins. Then take turns going clockwise. Each player begins their first turn eating the fruit of knowledge and gains new skills. Pick a skill of your choice, write your name, and place your dice accordingly. Set health and energy to ten. It helps if each player uses a D20 (20 sided dice) for health and energy, and a different color pen. Once you pick your skill take your turn and move around the map. Mark the map where you go and stopped for your turn. Remember to keep track of time at the beginning of each round. It’s OK to run away from an enemy. The game is over after you kill the mutated bear. Keep this page as a record to continue playing other chapters in Bitparty. Good luck. May ALORA be with you.

Health: 20 | Energy: 20 | ATK 4 | DEF 3 | MGK 0 | Level 1
Weapon: Sword.
Range: 1 space N,E,S,W
Basic Attack (A): Slash.
Special Attack (B): Slash X. Roll two dice. Divide sum by two. That is X.
Bitlith: 0 | Food: 0 | Wood: 0

Health: 20 | Energy: 20 | ATK 4 | DEF 1 | MGK 2 | Level 1
Weapon: Magic Bow.
Range: 2 spaces N,E,S,W . 1 space NE, SE, SW, NW
Basic Attack (A): Shoot.
Special Attack (B): Fireshot. Enemy takes ATK + MGK damage.
Bitlith: 0 | Food: 0 | Wood: 0

Health: 20 | Energy: 20 | ATK 3 | DEF 2 | MGK 2 | Level 1
Weapon: Magic Gloves.
Range: 1 space N,E,S,W
Basic Attack (A): Punch.
Special Attack (B): Fire Punch. Enemy takes ATK + MGK damage.
Bitlith: 0 | Food: 0 | Wood: 0

Dark Mage:
Health: 20 | Energy: 20 | ATK 3 | DEF 0 | MGK 4 | Level 1
Weapon: Dark Wand.
Range: 2 spaces N,E,S,W . 1 space NE, SE, SW, NW
Basic Attack (A): Fireball.
Special Attack (B): Dark Matter. Enemy takes MGK damage.
Bitlith: 0 | Food: 0 | Wood: 0

Health: 20 | Energy: 20 | ATK 1 | DEF 2 | MGK 4 | Level 1
Weapon: Life Wand.
Range: 1 space N,E,S,W
Basic Attack (A): Petrify
Special Attack (B): Drain. Enemy takes MGK damage. Gain health of half the damage done.
Bitlith: 0 | Food: 0 | Wood: 0

Light Mage:
Health: 20 | Energy: 20 | ATK 2 | DEF 1 | MGK 4 | Level 1
Weapon: Light Wand.
Range: 2 spaces N,E,S,W . 1 space NE, SE, SW, NW
Basic Attack (A): Shock.
Special Attack (B): Lightning. All enemies in range take MGK damage.
Bitlith: 0 | Food: 0 | Wood: 0